A Genetics paper has been published that identified a MHC Class ll haplotype associated with an increased risk of Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy. We are still a considerable way from our goal of being able to determine which vizslas have the potential to carry forward an expression of the disease – but the published research findings are a very exciting step in the right direction.

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Since publication we have continued to submit saliva samples from affected dogs and graded controls. The dataset now comprises c 530 dogs. Lorna Kennedy and her team at CIGMR (Manchester University) have extracted DNA and DLA typed most of these samples. Further analysis of the data has confirmed an increased significance for all the previously published associations. This is an exciting finding and the plan is to proceed to further interrogation of the information provided on the SNP arrays.

The present situation (November 2020) is that the work has suffered considerable setback-  on account of Covid and the closure of the Animal Health Trust, with whom we were collaborating. We must hope for the day when it will be possible to resume the research and we are determined to be ready to support it with further funding.